iPhone X Face ID Unlock Issue Continues In China

An Apple iPhone X user in China is now complaining that her son can unlock her phone without any problems. The facial recognition software is there to recognize the user and unlock the phone but not other people that are trying to access it.

This is not the first time this happens as there has been at least one other report about this issue. At least one company has also released a video showing that the security feature can be tricked with a mask. The mask costs a few hundred dollars but the video was meant to show that the feature is not 100 percent safe.

Her husband contacted Apple’s customer service and was reportedly told that it was an isolated case due to his wife and son looking similar. He told local media that his son was using it and didn’t know the password.

The iPhone X Face ID is one of the new features of Apple’s premium phone, which was released back in November. The Touch ID remains on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which were available just a few weeks before the iPhone X. The company said in October that Face ID was developed to be the replacement of Touch ID, which made its debut with the iPhone 5s.

The news of the unlock issue come just days after a Chinese woman and her colleague reported the same problem. The two women contacted customer service and then visited an Apple store to show them the problem. The store gave her a refund after noticing that her colleague could unlock the phone without any problems. She was told that the problem was probably because of a faulty camera. The woman bought another iPhone X but ended up having the same problem. She received a second refund and it has not been revealed if she decided to buy a third iPhone.

The Apple support page mentions that the chances of a random person looking at your iPhone X and unlocking it is 1 in 1,000,000. The page also says that Face ID is designed to protect against masks and other techniques.

Her husband has contacted customer service but it has not been revealed if they decided to get a refund or keep the phone, which starts at $999. The woman in the first report received a refund and tried a second one before getting a refund for that one as well.