John Cena Reportedly Sued By Ford After Selling Supercar

WWE superstar John Cena has battled many opponents in the ring but he will soon be battling a car giant outside of the ring. The 16-time WWE World Champion is now being sued by Ford after he sold his $500,000 2017 Ford GT.

In the lawsuit, the automaker claims Cena was chosen from thousands of people who submitted applications to buy the car. They say he violated his contract with Ford that said the car could not be sold for at least two years. TMZ reports that Cena sold the car for a huge profit.

The 2017 Ford GT is a rare super car as only 1,000 of them have been released. The second generation of the GT will continue being rare as the automaker will reportedly build 250 per year for the next four years. According to car sites, more than 6,000 people applied for the chance to buy one. The company sent out letters in July 2016 but just 500 of those letters were good news for those interested in buying the super car.

The 2017 Ford GT concept first appeared at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015. The car was one of the main attractions of the show and production began the following year. The car has a starting price of around $450,000.

The automaker says he has made a profit from the unauthorized resale of the car and that the company has suffered additional damages and losses. The lawsuit says Cena had to maintain ownership of the car for two years. Cena received the 2017 Ford GT just a few weeks ago. In the lawsuit, the automaker mentions that the Ford GT is a limited edition super car and that the company reserves these vehicles for only those individuals who truly want a special ownership experience such as collectors and car enthusiasts. Ford also says that it requires the individuals who are selected to purchase the super car not to sell the vehicle for 24 months after delivery.

In November, John Cena announced the addition of the 2017 Ford GT to his car collection. The car can be seen in the most recent Auto Geek episode. Cena recently made a return to WWE at Survivor Series. The 16-time WWE World Champion had not made an appearance since September.