Leak Suggests New Samsung Galaxy S9 Color Option

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released some time next year but the flagship smartphone is already a popular topic across tech sites. The latest rumor about the smartphone has to do with a new color option. Tech site SamMobile says Samsung could be bringing the purple color option for its next release. The color option would be part of three others available, including blue, gold and black.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that the Galaxy S8 would have purple as one of its color options. That never happened but now the rumors are surfacing again for the Galaxy S9. Samsung did add a new color option to the Galaxy S8 recently but it is a Burgundy Red version. That edition was released in South Korea a few days ago and will be available later in select markets.

The color option for the Samsung Galaxy S9 has not been confirmed but this is just one of the many interesting things that has surfaced on the upcoming smartphone in recent months. Here we have a few other rumors that have surfaced throughout the year:

Release Date: Its been rumored that the phone will be launched earlier than the Galaxy S8. A recent rumor also mentioned that the smartphone will be making its first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show. The unveiling is said to be taking place at MWC 2018. Samsung skipped the tech show for the Galaxy S8 this year, unveiling the smartphone a few weeks later.

Design, fingerprint scanner and more: The design is rumored to be similar to the current edition. A dual rear camera is expected for the device, which means a small change in the back. The other small change could happen with the fingerprint scanner, which could be placed in a different area of the back. The S8’s fingerprint scanner placement was something that many didn’t like. Rumors have also ruled out a fingerprint scanner in the screen, adding that the feature could come with the Galaxy Note 9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released next year but there are already interesting rumors about the device. The purple color option never arrived for the S8 but who knows, maybe Samsung will replace the most common color options with something unique for its next release.

Would you like to see a purple Galaxy S9? What other color options would you like to see for the Galaxy S9? Let us know in the comments.