Minnesota Woman Pleads Guilty In Fatal Shooting of Boyfriend During Stunt

A woman who was involved in a failed stunt has pleaded guilty over the fatal shooting of her partner. The two were planning to post the video of the stunt on YouTube, where they had a channel with several videos of pranks and stunts.

Local media reports that Monalisa Perez, 20, pleaded guilty a few days ago to second-degree manslaughter. In June, she was charged with second-degree manslaughter after shooting her boyfriend as they attempted to record a stunt. In the stunt, which Monalisa said in a tweet was her boyfriend’s idea, she shot at a book that he was holding against his chest. Perez fired the Desert Eagle .50 from about a foot away and the bullet went through the book, killing Pedro Ruiz III.

Failed Stunt and 911 Call

She had tweeted hours before the failed stunt that they were going to probably shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. Authorities have revealed that Ruiz had practiced the stunt and had shown her a book that was not penetrated by the bullet. According to the criminal complaint filed by the sheriff, the two had set up cameras to record the stunt.

The two have several videos of stunts and pranks on the video site. The failed stunt happened shortly after they posted a video attending a fair. They had started uploading videos to the site two months earlier and had gained a few thousand subscribers in just weeks.

In July, a 911 call revealed the moment after Ruiz was shot. According to reports, Perez says during the call that they were doing a video and it went wrong. She asks the dispatcher to hurry up and also says he looks like he is dying. Emergency services arrived to the house but Ruiz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Plea Agreement

Police say there is a video of the failed stunt but have said they do not plan on releasing it. Perez, who has two small children with Ruiz, was pregnant at the time of the incident. The plea agreement calls for her to spend six months in jail. Perez will also not be allowed to make any money from the video and will be banned from possessing a firearm for the rest of her life.

She will receive her sentence in February and Norman County Attorney James Brue said recently that he met with some of Ruiz’s family members on October 26 and they talked about the plea agreement. He says they indicated that they were in support of it.