Missing Georgia Cat Found More Than 2,400 Miles Away

A cat who went missing five months ago will soon be reunited with its family. Officials said on Friday that a cat found riding inside a truck in California belongs to a family living in Georgia, which is 2,450 miles away.

The cat, named Kitty Bitty, went missing on July 4 and the family feared the worst as he never returned. But the cat was actually making a trip across the country inside of a Pepsi truck. John Welsh, a public information specialist of the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, has an idea on how the cat may have reached California. He told local media that they can only guess that he somehow ended up at the Pepsi facility located in Georgia. He added that the cat somehow got inside the back of the truck or on a pallet. The truck then made a trip to California with the cat inside.

A trip from Georgia to California takes days but the cat is in good condition. It was revealed that he had lost some weight during the trip but he is now recovering at an animal shelter. He was suffering from dehydration when he was found but will soon be ready to fly back home. The truck driver was the one who contacted animal services and information about his owners was found through a tag.

The cat is currently at an animal shelter in California but staff there plan to fly him to his family before Christmas. Welsh says staff are putting their own money to have him back with his family soon. The Georgia family was surprised to hear that the cat was okay after assuming that something had happened. The family has not seen him in five months but will soon be reunited with their pet.

Last month, a cat missing for more than a year was reunited with its family. The cat was living in Maine and his owner thought he was dead after he didn’t return home one day. But over a year later, he received a call from a veterinarian saying that he had found his cat. The cat was found 120 miles away and the veterinarian was planning to adopt him before learning that he had an owner. The veterinarian found him sitting at a picnic table and first thought he was stray. The owner and veterinarian don’t know how the cat ended up 120 miles away.