New BLUBOO S9 is Huge Competition for the Samsung S9

The new flagship device from BLUBOO, the BLUBOO S9, is going to be making waves in 2018. This new smartphone will be stiff competition for the Samsung S9. Taking a look back at 2017, we have witnessed the new full-screen smartphone era. Samsung has been taking the lead with full-screen smartphones, but other brands like BLUBOO have quickly become popular worldwide. BLUBOO is one of the brands that deserves a lot of attention moving into 2018, with the new BLUBOO S9 getting ready to launch.

BLUBOO S9 Will be Competition for the Samsung S9

BLUBOO has launched quite a few full-screen smartphones this past year, and they have all had unique designs. The Samsung S9, on the other hand, is changing things up with a different position for the fingerprint sensor. The new position will be in a vertical position just like the two rear cameras. This allows for an easier way to unlock the smartphone and it also looks much better. The BLUBOO S8+ already has a design similar to this, which launched about a month ago. You can head here to check out the new BLUBOO S8+ which is still in the promotional period.

BLUBOO will be releasing a flagship device called the BLUBOO S9, which will have an 18:9 full-screen aspect ratio. It will be similar to the Samsung S9 and it is coming in 2018. The BLUBOO S9 will feature an OLED screen that has an amazing visual appearance. The screen-body ratio will be up to 91 percent higher, so the bottom bezel is going to be compressed a bit. There will also be two different memory versions of this device. One will feature 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM and the other will feature 8GB RAM and 128 GB ROM.

More BLUBOO S9 Details

The processor will be a Helio X30 Deca-Core for super quick performance. There will be a 12MP front-facing camera and two dual rear 16MP cameras on the BLUBOO S9. The BLUBOO S9 will also come in four different colors and features Face ID technology as well as a rear fingerprint sensor. Even better, this smartphone will come with the new Android Oreo 8.0. As you can see, the BLUBOO S9 is going to be stiff competition for the Samsung S9, and it will be much lower in price too. You can learn more about the BLUBOO S9 by clicking here to get to the official BLUBOO page.