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Nintendo Power Returns As a Podcast

Nintendo Power, the popular magazine that used to bring all the news about Nintendo, has returned but in a different way. Nintendo Power is now a podcast, which is available on iTunes, SoundCloud and will soon be on Google Play Music.

The host of the podcast is Chris Slate, who was the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine for five years. The podcast, announced through Facebook and Twitter, comes five years after the last publication of the magazine. The debut episode features Japanese video game designers Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Eiji Aonuma. The two video game designers have worked on numerous Legend of Zelda titles.

In the podcast, Slate also talks to Damon Baker, Head of Publisher and Developer Relations at Nintendo, and Kit Ellis, Senior Public Relations Manager at Nintendo of America and co-host of the Nintendo Minute series on YouTube.

Slate begins the podcast by saying that he was the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine and was a subscriber from the beginning. He adds that Nintendo Power has meant a lot to him and that the podcast is a passion project because many of them want to see the Nintendo Power brand return. He also says that the content is going to be a little bit experimental and that they would appreciate the feedback.

Nintendo Power made its debut back in 1988 and the magazine quickly became popular for its gaming news, tips and tricks and everything about Nintendo. The magazine continued focusing on Nintendo while making a few changes along the way. The magazines would later focus on upcoming games and the latest news about them. In 2007, the company announced that Future Publishing would be in charge of publishing the magazine.

Final Issue Released In 2012

From 2008 to 2012, Future Publishing published 13 magazines a year instead of 12. The extra magazine was given as a bonus issue for December. The magazine came to an end in 2012, when Nintendo announced that it had decided not to renew the agreement with Future Publishing. The final issue was released in December 2012 and featured a similar cover to the first issue.

Nintendo Power Podcast

It’s cool to see the famous Nintendo Power logo back and the guy who was part of that for many years. Here is the SoundCloud version of the podcast:¬†


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