Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Users Reporting Battery Issue

A battery issue is now surfacing for the Galaxy Note 8, a series that’s already been affected by that in the past. According to Android Authority, several Galaxy Note 8 users are complaining that their device shuts down and never turns back on. The issue is said to be happening when the battery reaches 0 percent and the phone turns off.

Customers say that after the phone is fully drained, there is no way to power it back on. The phone doesn’t charge at all, leaving customers with no option but to contact the company.

Samsung is reportedly aware of the issue, which has surfaced on the company’s help forum. In the posts, several customers complain that their phones are not charging. The company is reportedly offering the affected users repairs and replacement devices.

The issue doesn’t appear to be a new one as there are a few videos out there of users complaining that the phone didn’t turn back on after it reached 0 percent and they tried to charge. In a YouTube video, posted last month, a user complains that the phone is not powering on. In the video, he explains that he has tried a few things to see if the phone turns on, including a reset. In the video description, he has posted an update saying he has received a refurbished phone back. The comments section also has a few users complaining about the same issue.

The battery issue immediately brings back memories of the Galaxy Note 7, even though it appears that it is not affecting many users. That device ended up being a total disaster for Samsung as it had overheating issues shortly after its release. Samsung recalled the phablet just weeks after its release and users were given a safe unit as replacement. The safe unit also had similar issues and the company had no option but to recall and discontinue the device.

The Galaxy Note 7 recall and discontinuation reportedly cost the company billions of dollars. The company has bounced back with an impressive Galaxy Note 8 but battery issues are never good news, especially for a series that’s been affected by that in the past.