Security Camera Shows Moment When Biker Survives Crash In Brazil

A biker in Brazil is lucky to be alive after crashing and landing under a pickup truck that was still moving as he was under. Josicleu Rodriguez, 42, crashed when he was going to work in Campina Grande, Brazil on Wednesday. Rodriguez crashed into the side of the pickup truck but that wasn’t the worst part as he landed under the pickup truck, which was still moving. The driver of the pickup truck tried to stop as quickly as he could but Rodriguez landed right in front of the wheels.

Rodriguez was lucky as he fell in front of the wheels but continued to slide as they went right past him. The truck never went over him and it stopped right after to help him. In the video, two people can be seen running to the truck to help the biker, who is still under.

Rodriguez, who works as a granite cutter, said he has driven this route for years and had never been involved in an accident. He was dragged under the truck for a few seconds but it stopped and people quickly stepped in to help him out. Rodriguez says he doesn’t know what happened to his bike that day but he suddenly found himself skidding out of control and into the pickup truck.

Rodriguez can be seen walking on the side of the road as the people are still looking for him under the truck. He appears to be limping after the accident but is lucky that he escaped much more serious injuries. He told local media that as the accident happened, he thought that was it and that he was dead. Rodriguez only suffered a few bruises from the crash.

The truck driver said it all happened so quickly and the bike appeared out of nowhere. He says he couldn’t avoid hitting him and first thought he had killed him. He added that it was a miracle that he could survive being run over and then walk away. The truck driver had just delivered construction materials and was driving back to work.

Rodriguez says he is grateful to God that he survived and that he is still able to open his eyes another day to continue looking after his children. Here is the video of the crash: