Swatting Suspect Was Convicted of Making Bomb Threats To ABC7 Two Years Ago

A man arrested in connection to the hoax emergency call that led to a shooting at a home in Wichita, Kansas, was convicted of making false bomb threats to ABC7 two years ago. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Tyler Barriss was charged with two counts of a false report of a bomb, one count of criminal threats and one count of trying to convince a witness from not reporting a crime. Those charges happened back in October 2015.

Mr. Barriss was arrested on Friday in connection to the swatting incident that led to an innocent man getting shot and killed. According to reports, the dispute was between two Call of Duty players. One of the players reportedly threatened with swatting and the other gave a fake address. The address was then given to someone who knew about swatting.

Dispute Began In Video Game

Mr. Barriss was arrested on suspicion of being behind the hoax emergency call. In the call, which was made public recently, a man says that he has killed a family member and has taken others hostage. Authorities surrounded the home and a man opened the door. Police fired a shot fearing that he was reaching for a gun but they later found he was unarmed. Police searched the home and discovered that the people inside had not been injured or taken hostage.

The man who opened the door was 28-year-old Andrew Finch, who had no connection to the dispute between the two gamers. Finch, a father of two, died at the hospital. His family has said that he was not an online gamer. Reports say the dispute began between Call of Duty players, who were participating in a game on UMG Gaming, an online platform where gamers can sign up for online tournaments. UMG Events posted a tweet saying that they will do everything they can to help authorities in this matter.

Bomb Threats In 2015

In 2015, Barriss was sentenced to two years in jail over bomb threats he made to the ABC7 building in Glendale. Two threats were made, one in September and another in October of that year. Police searched the building after the two threats and found nothing. LAPD confirmed through a tweet posted yesterday that Barriss was arrested over the swatting incident in Wichita, Kansas. They added that Wichita PD is handling the investigation and that they have no additional details.