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SweetNight Mattress Review 2018

Always nice to be checking out a mattress. I spent months in 2016 testing and reviewing a wide range of products and, not to toot my own horn, I’ve come to be pretty knowledgeable in this area. Unlike all the others I have got to check out this one is from a Chinese firm. This usually translates into two things, a less expensive product, and less than stellar after sale support. This firm reached out to us to try out their product, and I have to say, off the bat it is a very impressive package. Taking the current standards in foam based mattress designs and selling it at around half of their nearest US competitor is a good move, but I am getting ahead of myself, first we need to look at the company who sells it.

About SweetNight

SweetNight have been in the business for the last 8 years, and for the last five have been considered the go to option on the Chinese market. It’s a well deserved accolade, as their core mattress design is excellent. The only issue that I can imagine for a western consumer is the after sale support, but SweetNight have gone out of their way to mitigate any issues. I did my usual test, emailed the firm anonymously with an issue, and they got back to me in short order. In addition they sell through Amazon, so you are guaranteed’s excellent customer support policies. It’s not all rosy though. This is the mattress market, and every other firm out right now has damn good support policies in place, which SweetNight lacks. But more on that later. There is more than enough here to trust the firm, they own their own manufactory, they source their raw materials locally and the end product is excellent.

The SweetNight Mattress Build Quality & Materials

Always good to start with the topper. The tags say a poly-cotton blend, which is okay, far from my favorite. I would have liked to see a pure cotton topper, but I realize that drives the prices up. Polyblends tend to be comfortable enough, but extra durable and with SweetNight’s clever use of a more breathable material on the bottom we have a great overall solution. Far from terrible, but not the best.

Onto to the insides, and here we have something special. A three tier foam system is in place, much like the Leesa and the Casper, with the base layer being 5″ of dense support foam. This is followed by 3″ of rapid response foam, but unique to this design is the use of three different densities. The top and bottom is soft, while the center is firmer. It’s a nice touch, and when you lie on your side it provides all the support you need in all the right places. Not great for back or belly sleepers though, so bear that in mind. Up top is the creme de la creme of layers, 2″ of gel infused memory foam. Memory foam is so good, but the regular stuff comes with a major issue, that of heat retention. There are a lot of solutions on the market right now, such as copper infusions and aerated designs, but my favorite is the gel infused style. I think it feels the closest to the standard stuff while still being a cool comfortable. Overall the mattress is soft, comfortable and surprisingly high tech. The company claims that the mattress can be reversed if you want a firmer experience, but that is ridiculous. Look at the layers, you need the memory foam on top, otherwise it is useless. Flip the mattress over and you are wasting it, and instead lying on support foam. You want a firmer mattress you’ll have o buy inserts, or remove the middle layer, but flipping it will just leave you with a cheaper overall experience.

The SweetNight Mattress Overall Review

This is a damn fine product, made all the more impressive by the price. The topper material could be better, and the claims of being a flippable mattress are ludicrous, but it is versatile, and if you really want to get a firmer experience you can do so, with a little jury rigging. Overall this is perfect for the Western market.

The SweetNight Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

The last few mattresses that I have got sent to me have been on the higher end of the pricing ladder. And I am really more of a spend thrift than a moneybags, so when I say the pricing on this one I was blown away. There is literally nothing on the market right now in this price point that can match the quality on offer, nor the over design work. The Queen, the size by which I judge all, is at a very wallet friendly mattress, which I might add is around a quarter what companies like Saatva charge. As they sell on Amazon you can get the current prices and any available coupon codes by clicking here. To see the exact prices current available you can click here. It’s all down to the fact that SweetNight own their production plants and have the raw materials close at hand. Shipping from China has never been cheaper, to the point where they do not charge for it. If you are in the market for a new mattress this has to be seriously considered.

Twin$31830″ x 75″ x 10″
Twin XL$33839″ x 80″ x 10″
Full$39854″ x 75″ x 10″
Queen$43860″ x 80″ x 10″
King$54876″ x 80″ x 10″
Cal King$56872″ x 84″ x 10″


As mentioned, there is no delivery fee, and all of the mattress sizes are offered in US standard, which is a nice touch. It it one of the many ways the firm shows it understands the market it is trying to break in to. There is just one last thing to cover, and I am afraid that it might be a bit of a deal breaker for a lot of folk. The after sale support on the mattress is not up to the direct to consumer mattress standard.

Every other direct to consumer mattress company offers a period where you can try out the mattress and send it back if you don’t like it. That is just basic mattress stuff, but SweetNight do not have that. I get that it might be a touch difficult to do it for them, all the other firms I have reviewed have been US based, so donating the mattress and offering the refund is a lot easier to set up, but I would have still liked to see some kind of money back guarantee. Part and parcel when buying from China, and if you are just looking to save short term cash then it should be fine.

The warranty is also a little on the vague side. In the US the standard mattress warranty is 15 years at the moment, and they are by and large comprehensive. It’s where I cut my teeth in terms of warranty reading, and there has yet to be a market that does it better than mattresses. That is another thing you sacrifice when buying from a Chinese firm. Theirs is for 10 years, and while I am pretty sure it covers the same stuff, I am not entirely sure, and I have no evidence that suggests visible sag is covered, as it is with US based Direct to Consumer firms. Still, as is the case with the money back guarantee, that is one of the prices we pay for getting such a good mattress at this price.

The SweetNight Mattress – So Is it Worth it in 2018?

That is the question isn’t it. On one hand we have this great product at a fine price, but on the other is the less than stellar warranty and little in the way of first party after care support. Now, you can play the Amazon game and get yourself covered, in the event of an issue they tend to side with the consumer, which is nice, but that is more effort on your part. When I look at the price, and the quality of the product though, I have to say it is well worth whatever imagined headaches might crop up in the future.

This is a showroom floor quality mattress in the direct to consumer space at a price far below the average that is offered in the business. It is also lacking in customer support areas, unlike their competition, and if they want to really compete then they need to look into that. As it is right now I say go for it, the SweetNight Mattress is excellent, and so long as you know who you are buying from you will be fine.

Current Discounts & Coupon Codes

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