Texas: Delivery Man Caught Tossing Amazon Packages In Dumpster

A delivery man has been caught tossing Amazon packages in a dumpster. The man, hired by the online retailer to deliver packages, left several boxes in dumpsters but what he didn’t know is that someone noticed his suspicious activity.

The delivery man was followed by Eagle Mountain Lake Fire Chief Mike Barton, who had noticed a white van acting suspiciously in his neighborhood. He decided to follow the van and that’s when he found out what the driver was doing. The driver stopped near a dumpster and Barton watched as he tossed the Amazon packages. Barton said it looked like he was keeping some things and tossing what he didn’t want.

The police department released security camera footage showing the driver tossing the packages in a dumpster. The footage was released after Barton followed the driver and saw what he was doing with the packages.

Barton and his colleague would go on to find more than 20 boxes from three different locations. The packages all had the Amazon tape and logo on the boxes. The two decided to contact the police after finding the packages. Barton and his colleague did not open the boxes but could see some of the content as some of them had been ripped open.

The majority of the boxes included toys such as puzzles, nerf guns and other Christmas gifts. Some of the residents had been waiting for their orders while others had already received a refund since the package was never delivered.

Police found that the driver was working for a third-party company hired by Amazon. They also revealed that the man had not taken anything from the packages. It appears that the man was simply throwing away the packages instead of delivering them.

The online retailer released a statement to WFAA saying that the individual is no longer delivering packages for them and that they will continue to work directly with customers to make things right. Some of the customers affected have already received refunds since the package was never delivered to them.

A total of 25 boxes were found by Barton and his colleague. Those boxes will no longer be delivered and the customers will have to search for the products somewhere else or order them online again. One of the customers that was expecting a package spoke to KHOU and said that she thought it was better to order online because she didn’t have to deal with the crowd. She recently received a refund from the online retailer.