Trump Praises Latest UN Sanctions On North Korea

US President Donald Trump has praised the United Nations Security Council for voting on new sanctions against North Korea. The sanctions come in response to the missile tests that North Korea has continued in recent months.

North Korea has received several sanctions in the past over its nuclear and missile program. Back in September, the United Nations Security Council voted to impose new sanctions against North Korea. The vote received the approval of Russia and China after the sanctions were watered down. US officials said at the time that the sanctions set a limit on oil exports to North Korea at 8.5 million barrels per year. The sanctions also banned the textile exports. The US was proposing a total oil embargo before the sanctions were watered down.

Mr. Trump tweeted hours ago that the UN Security Council had voted 15 – 0 for additional sanctions on North Korea. He added that the world wants peace not death.

The New Sanctions

The new sanctions ban the exports of machinery and other heavy equipment. Petrol products will be limited to 500,000 barrels a year while oil barrels will be lowered to four million a year. North Korean citizens working outside of the country will also have to return home in the next two years.

In 2017, North Korea accelerated its missile program. According to reports, the country has fired 23 missiles in the last 11 months. The latest happened in the end of November, when North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed in Japanese waters. South Korea’s military said the missile reached an altitude of 2,800 miles and flew 596 miles.

Missile Tests and Sanctions

The missile test was the first in two months but raised tensions as it landed about 155 miles off Japan’s northern coast. Japanese officials said the missile traveled for around 50 minutes but did not fly over the country.

Earlier this year, China announced a ban on iron ore, seafood and coal from North Korea. The move followed UN sanctions, which had been imposed in response to recent missile tests by North Korea. In September, China ordered North Korean companies operating in the country to shut down. China’s Ministry of Commerce said through a statement that it was giving North Korean companies 120 days to close. The order also includes joint ventures. Last month, the US announced economic sanctions against North Korean shipping and Chinese traders doing business with North Korea.