Two Journalists Detained In Margarita Island For Covering Protest

Two journalists were detained in Margarita Island by the Venezuelan National Guard on Wednesday morning. The journalists were detained during a protest held by residents who complain that the government has not given them what was promised for the month of December.

The two journalists, Gladifer Albornoz and Naleida Leon, work for Unicable. Leon and Albornoz were detained when covering a protest by residents who complain that they have not received the food boxes, toys and other things promised by the government before the elections. The journalists were taken to a vehicle of the National Guard and it is believed that they were transported to a command center in the area.

Reports say authorities took the camera but later returned it without any of the content captured during the protests. The news of the two journalists detained surfaced on social media. The press syndicate said on Twitter that the two journalists were detained when they were covering a protest at Juan Bautista Arismendi avenue.

In the last few days, hundreds of Venezuelans have taken the streets to protest. Many of them are protesting because the government did not hand out the toys, food boxes and other benefits promised before the elections. A Venezuelan National Guard official reportedly accused the two journalists of sparking the protests that began there two days ago.

The residents are asking for the mayor to hand out what was promised. The government reportedly promised discounts on some food products used for Venezuelan Christmas dishes. They also promised CLAP boxes, which bring numerous food products at much more affordable prices. In some cities, protesters have also complained about not receiving toys that were promised for their kids.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, protesters closed the roads leading to the airport and ferries. Reports say the governor tried to calm the situation yesterday but the protesters insist that the mayor needs to hand out what was promised for December. In other cities, residents have also taken the streets to protest against the fuel shortage. The shortage is creating long lines at gas stations across the country. The lines sometimes stretch for miles and Venezuelans have to wait hours to fill their gas tanks. Some gas stations are now rationing while others have closed as they wait for the problem to be solved.






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