Uruguay: Armed Robbers Escape With More Than $240,000

Armed robbers escaped with more than $240,000 stolen from an armored truck in less than 30 seconds. The robbery, all caught on security footage, happened in Sayago, Montevideo. In the short video, there appears to be some confusion as one person nearby fights back.

It all begins with several men stepping out of pickups truck and running towards an armored truck that’s parked in front of a supermarket. Those standing near the parking lot run as the men begin firing and getting close to the supermarket and the armored vehicle.

During the robbery, a man in a white shirt appears to be talking on a phone when he notices the criminals. He pulls out a gun and begins firing towards the robbers near the supermarket. One of the armed robbers runs his way but decides to get in the pickup truck that’s parked nearby. Another robber is seen carrying what appears to be a large bag.

Authorities did not reveal who the man in the white shirt was but he is seen running away as the armed robbers get close to the pickup truck. The second pickup truck parked near the front of the armored vehicle drives off with the armed robbers.

In the robbery, the criminals stole seven million Uruguayan pesos, a little over $240,000. The money was stolen from Prosegur, a multinational security company. The company released a statement saying that the armored vehicle had been shot 12 times. No one was injured during the robbery.

Authorities are now searching for the criminals, who arrived in two pickup trucks and left in those same vehicles. Police confirmed that they found a phone that was lost at the crime scene by one of the robbers. Earlier today, they also said that they had found one of the pickup trucks, which was burned.

The security company has been a target of armed robbers recently. Earlier this year, a Brazilian gang entered a Paraguayan border town and stole more than $40 million from the company. Before the heist, the armed robbers attacked a police station. They then used explosives to enter a vault of the company. During the heist, the criminals burned vehicles and clashed with authorities. Three suspects were killed while ten others were arrested. Brazilian police said shortly after that they had arrested more suspects and seized rifles, vehicles and bulletproof vests from them. The heist was the biggest in Paraguay’s history.