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Vacationing in Thailand: 7 Mouth-Watering Dishes to Try

One of the best things about traveling in Thailand is eating the cultural foods there. Thai dishes uses a lot of spices and ingredients that are foreign to other parts of the world. The food will amaze taste buds. It’s easy to find authentic Thai food. It’s everywhere, from lavish room service from a villa in Thailand to simple dishes from food carts on the street. When in Thailand, here are some 7 delicious dishes that travelers should try at least once.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom yum goong is the one dish that definitely stands out. It represents Thailand, and is one of the first dishes that all tourists try because it’s so famous. Tom yum goong is a soup that usually comes with noodles, and is known for its distinct hot and sour flavor.

The primary ingredients in tom yum goong include galangal, which is similar to ginger, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce and lemongrass. The flavors are enhanced with shrimp shells that are boiled for long periods of time to make the rich broth. This dish can be easily found everywhere, and there are numerous variations of it all over the country. Ask the locals about their favorite shop to get the most authentic taste and flavors possible.

Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn

Foodies who love curry is going to adore hor mok ma prow awn. It’s also known as seafood curry in coconut. The defining feature of this dish is that the curry is actually served inside a coconut, which only adds to the overall flavor. The coconut milk and oil make the curry sauce extremely rich and satiating. The spices add an aromatic twist.

A wide array of ingredients are often found in hor mok ma prow awn. In most cases, diners can expect it to be filled with seafood. The curry is sweet, salty and a bit spicey. Most locals would recommend eating rice with the curry.

Cha Om Kai

As far as omelets go, cha om kai is definitely a must-try. It is an authentic Thai omelet made from acacia leaves, which has a distinct and unique taste and offers medicinal properties. The acacia leaves have been known to cure stomach conditions. This interesting dish can often be found in food stalls and small restaurants.

The outside of the omelet is crispy, and the inside is filled with tender acacia tree sprouts and chilies that give a good kick. It doesn’t matter if they are canned chilis or fresh chilis, you’ll get the kick.  The flavors are bold, but they become even richer when the omelet is dipped in fermented shrimp paste mixed with some chili sauce. Cha om kai can be eaten alone, or can be added as a side to soups like gaeng som.

Hoy Kraeng

Hoy kraeng is also known as blood clams. Travellers can find these delicious mollusks at food stalls and even at fancy restaurants. Their name comes from their gruesome appearance. Because blood clams contain high levels of hemoglobin, they have a red, bloody appearance, and look like they’re secreting blood. These clams are no bigger than limes and have a black, hairy material covering the most part of their outer shell.

Despite their unappealing appearance, blood clams are absolutely scrumptious. They have a crisp succulent taste to them. In most cases, they are steamed or boiled before being served with spicy and sour sauce; however, some restaurants do recommend eating them raw.

Sai Ooah

Different parts of Thailand have different local dishes that are famous. Those who are traveling in northern Thailand should not turn down a chance to try sai ooah, or sai ua. It’s a tasty grilled pork sausage that contains a variety of spices and herbs, kaeng khua red curry paste and minced pork meat. Most locals would recommend eating it with sticky rice and other side dishes or having it as a snack or a starter. There are plenty of food stalls on the street that grill these sausages. Tourists just need to follow their noses to find the stalls!

Those who are staying at villas or hotels with kitchens can even purchase these sausages in local shops. Grill them for a midnight snack.

Moo Dat Diew

When walking down the streets of Thailand, it’s easy to find stalls that offer moo dat diew, or deep-fried pork. This treat is extremely unique. It’s basically a piece of pork that has been left drying in the sun for at least one day. After the pork has fully dried, it is marinated in a broth made of sweet soy sauce. The pork is then deep fried, so that its flavors are accentuated and enhanced.

While moo dat diew can be eaten as a snack, it is generally eaten with sticky rice. Many stalls will sell sticky rice with the pork.

Khao Mok Gai

Food lovers who love chicken are going to want to seek out khao mok gai. This is also known as Thai chicken biryani. While it’s possible to find this dish in American Thai restaurants, the flavors simply do not compare with ones made in local Thai diners. The spices and herbs are fresh, and much more pungent.

The chicken is marinated with a blend of herbs and cooked with shallot. It is then served with rice. The yellow rice is mixed with a blend of herbs and even has earthy tones to it thanks to cinnamon. It’s definitely an interesting dish to try.


Thailand is well known for its delicious foods. Travellers who are going to Thailand won’t want to miss out. Be adventurous and try out local diners and restaurants. Don’t underestimate the abilities of food stalls. Many of these stalls will serve up a delicious meal that can’t be beaten elsewhere.

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