Walmart Reveals The Most Popular Online Item For Each US State

We’re just a few days away from 2018 and companies are now giving us information on their best selling products. One of those companies is Walmart, which has revealed a list of the most popular online item for each US state. The products are quite different from state to state. Here are Walmart’s most popular online items:

Alabama – Crayons.

Arizona – L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls. The L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls are a very popular toy and it is not surprising to see that they ranked first in one state.

Alaska – RV & Marine Antifreeze.

Arkansas – Chocolate.

California – Protein powder.

Connecticut – Ghost in the Shell DVD. The state loves movies as the retailer said a few months ago that the Trolls DVD was its best seller in stores.

Colorado  – Peanut M&M’s.

Delaware – Spiced Jelly Candy.

Florida – Sparkling Cider.

Georgia – Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair.

Hawaii – Barbie farmer doll.

Idaho – My Little Pony Mini Collection.

Illinois – Erasers.

Indiana – Instant coffee.

Iowa – Water softening crystals.

Kansas – Ozark Trail tumblers.

Kentucky – 4×6 photo prints.

Louisiana – Root beer extract.

Maine – Brownies.

Maryland – Glue sticks.

Massachusetts – Refrigerators.

Michigan – Lavender scented cleaning products.

Minnesota – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The snack is a popular one across the US but it appears to be a favorite in Minnesota.

Mississippi – Oil-less fryer.

Missouri – Life Savers.

Montana – Madden NFL video games. The popular football game series is usually a hot seller during Christmas.

Nebraska – Pressed makeup powder.

Nevada – Dog treats.

New Hampshire – Cinnamon flavored toothpaste.

New Jersey – Pool salt.

New Mexico – Cat food.

New York – Cheerios.

North Dakota – Watermelon flavored gum.

North Carolina – Mayonnaise.

Ohio – Grape flavored drink mix.

Oregon – Humidifiers.

Oklahoma – BBQ sauce.

Pennsylvania – Plastic hangers.

Rhode Island – Christmas lights.

South Carolina – Coin banks.

South Dakota – Orange juice.

Texas – TV wall mounts.

Tennessee – Disney Infinity Power Discs. The game series was discontinued last year but the toys are still very popular.

Utah – Personal travel care kits.

Vermont – Sweet canned corn.

Virginia – Coolers.

Washington – Vanilla frosting.

West Virginia – My Life As Dolls.

Wisconsin – Green Bay Packers bath mat. It hasn’t been a good season for the Packers but this proves that fans just want everything that has to do with their team.

Wyoming – Flannel shirts.


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Sean Farlow
Sean Farlow
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