Weimei WePlus 3 – Four Cameras, Large Battery and More

Smartphones with great features at low prices was something we saw a lot throughout the year. Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and many other companies released affordable devices that really stood out. But smaller companies such as Weimei are also trying to enter this crowded market.

The Spanish company has unveiled the WePlus 3, a midrange smartphone that has a number of good features. Weimei isn’t super popular but their latest device should catch the attention of those looking for a phone with good camera or battery life.

Weimei WePlus 3

The WePlus 3 has a 6-inch display but that’s not really what makes this phone stand out. Yes, the company did its best to have plenty of screen on the front but the other features are what really make this phone an interesting option.

The first and maybe the most impressive feature of the WePlus 3 is its four cameras. The device has dual front facing cameras and rear cameras. This is something that’s not very common in midrange smartphones today. The dual rear cameras are of 13MP and 5MP and they come with a number of options, including Panorama and Beauty Mode. Things get even better for the dual front facing cameras, which are 20MP and 8MP.

Another thing that stands out from this phone is the large 4,010mAh battery. This is something that we don’t see very often in smartphones, so it is nice to have. But there is one more thing that the WePlus 3 has that many others don’t.

In the photos of the device, we can see that it has a fingerprint sensor on the back. That’s nice but that’s a feature that many phones now have. Weimei took it to another level by adding not only a fingerprint sensor but also facial recognition technology. Yes, this phone has facial recognition technology, which the company claims is capable of unlocking the device in 0.2 seconds. Facial recognition technology is already on a few smartphones but it is mostly found on expensive devices.

Here are the specs for the Weimei WePlus 3:

  • 6-inch display.
  • Dual front facing and rear cameras of 20MP/8MP and 13MP/5MP.
  • MediaTek Helio P25 processor.
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.
  • 4,010mAh battery.
  • Android 7.0 with weOS.

The price of the Weimei WePlus 3 is 269 euros.