Xiaomi Mi 7 To Have Face Scanning Technology?

Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship smartphone is expected to bring new features when it is released some time in 2018. There have been several rumors about the device in recent weeks but a report from MyDrivers has given the most interesting information yet.

The report claims that the smartphone maker will drop the fingerprint sensor for facial recognition technology. The feature can be found on phones such as the iPhone X, which does not have a fingerprint sensor.

Under screen fingerprint sensors could become popular in 2018 but it appears that the company is planning to go a different route. Other smartphone makers are actually rumored to be working on their own facial recognition technology. But those companies could offer both technologies with their devices.

The report does not say if the company is working with other companies for the facial recognition technology. The feature is a major addition to devices such as the iPhone X but there have been a few issues with it. A security company recently demonstrated that the technology can be tricked with a mask. In China, there have been two reports of users complaining that their devices can be unlocked by other people. In one case, the customer received two refunds after showing that her first and second iPhone X had the same issue.

According to recent reports, Xiaomi will debut a Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus at MWC 2018. The company skipped last year’s event and announced the Mi 6 a month later. Xiaomi did unveil the Mi 5 at the event. The phones are rumored to have a price of $407 and $453.

Here are the rumored specs for Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship:

  • Dual camera setup.
  • Facial recognition technology as replacement of the fingerprint sensor. It had been previously rumored that the Mi 7 would feature an under the screen fingerprint sensor.
  • 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Xiaomi usually offers different variants so we could see both options.
  • Snapdragon 845 processor.

Xiaomi has not confirmed anything but the Mi 7 could be a totally different device compared to the Mi 6. The Mi series could be the first release of Xiaomi for 2018 but lets not forget that the company is also rumored to be working on a Mi Mix 3 and Mi Max 3.

What do you think about face scanning technology? Should Xiaomi drop the fingerprint sensor for its upcoming devices? Let us know in the comments.