31 Crew Members Still Missing After Oil Tanker Collision

Emergency teams continue the search for the 31 crew members still missing from the oil tanker collision. China’s Ministry of Transport said on Monday that a body had been recovered. They said the body had not been identified but revealed that it was wearing a protective suit.

The collision between the oil tanker and cargo ship left 32 people missing. Authorities have confirmed that the people missing are all from the oil tanker. The crew members of the cargo ship were all rescued after the collision.

The collision has raised concerns that there could be a major oil spill in the waters. On Tuesday, Chinese media reported that the ship was still on fire. The cargo ship reportedly suffered damage but all crew members were rescued. The ship was carrying grain from the United States to China.

Details on how the collision happened are not yet known but emergency teams are currently in the area to help with the rescue and clean-up efforts. China has reportedly sent eight ships to help while South Korea and the US have sent one.

Officials have confirmed that the operation has been made difficult by the weather conditions and smoke coming from the ship. An official of Iran’s Oil Ministry recently told the Associated Press that 30 of the 32 crew members missing are Iranian. The two other crew members are from Bangladesh. That official also confirmed that the oil tanker is owned by the National Iranian Tanker Co.

A National Iranian Tanker Co. spokesman said earlier today that emergency teams would likely find survivors as the engine room is not directly affected by the fire and is about 14 meters under water. He also said that there is still hope.

Chinese officials recently said that no large oil spill has been detected. According to recent reports, the ship is still on fire. They say experts on the scene think that no more than one percent of the condensate is on the surface of the water. Officials have also confirmed the launch of an investigation into the collision, which happened on Saturday evening.

The ship, which was heading to South Korea, reportedly had one million barrels of condensate at the time of the collision. The one million barrels of condensate are said to be worth around $60 million. The ship belongs to the Iranian company but was rented by a company in South Korea.