Actor Accused of Murder Released After Proving He Was Not In Mexico

Alejandro Axel, the actor who was detained a few days ago over the murder of a model, has been released by authorities after proving that he was not in the country when it happened.

The actor, who spent ten days in a detention center, was said to be the main suspect of the murder of Argentinian model Karen Ailen Grodzinski. He was released after proof was shown by his legal team that he was not in the country.

The family of the actor also presented photos, videos and documents from immigration authorities that showed he was not in Mexico at the time. Axel and his girlfriend were in Colombia at the time of the incident.

During the hearing, his legal team provided proof that he was in Medellin, Colombia. According to the immigration documents provided by the legal team, the actor left the country on December 25 and returned on January 1. Karen was found dead in a hotel room on December 27.

Axel’s legal team provided his passport and documents that proved that he had left and entered the country in those days. Axel was detained and accused of being involved in the murder after authorities found evidence that linked him to the crime.

They said after his arrest that they had found the murder weapon at his residence. They also took one of his motorcycles as evidence. He had posted a picture of the motorcycle on social media months ago. Security footage of the hotel showed a man wearing a helmet in the lobby and then leaving the hotel on a motorcycle. He was arrested after people identified him.

One of the people who identified him was a hotel employee, who had attended him and the model when they called for room service. Another witness was someone who had seen him in an elevator.

It was initially reported by several news sites that the actor had met the model before but his mother later said in a statement that her son did not know her and that he was out of the country when it happened. She also accused authorities of creating a scapegoat.

The Argentinian model was reportedly working for an escort website. One friend told local media that she had expressed fear of living and working in the country after the murder of a Venezuelan escort a few weeks before.