Apple Watch Users Will Soon Be Able To Control Whirlpool Appliances

Home appliance company Whirlpool has announced that Apple Watch users will soon be able to control their appliances. The option will allow Apple Watch users to check, program and do a few other things remotely.

Coming This Year

The new features will be part of some Whirlpool appliances releasing this year. The news were announced at CES 2018, which began today. The new feature is said to be coming to at least 20 Whirlpool home appliances, including washing machines, ovens and dryers.

The Apple Watch app will be available later this year but the company has given CNET some examples on how it will work. For ovens, users will be able to check the temperatures and change settings. For the washing machines, there will be an option to change the type of wash cycle. For dryers, users will be able to check if it has started or how much time is left.

The company didn’t just focus on the Apple Watch, it has also announced support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With the voice assistants, users will be able to check their appliances without having to be nearby. Users can start their dishwasher, control the temperature of some appliances and do many other things.

Partnership With Honeywell and Past Releases

The home appliance company has also teamed up with Honeywell, which will integrate its thermostats in some of Whirlpool’s smart appliances. The company’s official press release said this would be part of more than a dozen appliances.

In 2017, Whirlpool introduced several smart home appliances. The appliances include options such as alert notifications, which let the users know when food is ready or how much time is remaining on the cleaning cycle of the dishwasher. The options also include Amazon Alexa, which allows users to ask the voice assistant to set or adjust temperature, time and a few other things.

The home appliance company has not given any details on the prices but the event is just getting started, so there might be more information in the next few days. The tech show began just a few hours ago but several companies have already made big announcements. A rollable TV, a refrigerator with a giant display and a smartphone have already made an appearance at the tech show.

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