BLUBOO S3- Launching with Big Battery to Compete with Samsung S9

The new BLUBOO S3 is going to be launching around the same time as the Samsung S9 in order to directly compete with it. This new smartphone is going to have a big battery, bigger than the Samsung S9. When we say big battery, we mean an 8300mAH battery, which will give you a long-lasting performance. If you have been thinking about spending the money on the Samsung S9, read on to learn about why the BLUBOO S3 is a great competitor.

BLUBOO S3 Will Compete Directly with Samsung S9

BLUBOO is releasing a new smartphone this year, which will be directly competing with the Samsung S9 in terms of battery size. The BLUBOO S3 is going to have the same 8300mAH battery as the Samsung S9, and it will also be a full-screen smartphone. BLUBOO announced that the BLUBOO S3 will be in two different colors, including champagne gold and midnight dark. This new full-screen smartphone will be aimed at the higher-end business people looking for a new phone.

We see that the appearance and overall design is very similar to the Samsung S9, which we can tell by the leaked pictures. The top and bottom of the screen is compressed in order to get the higher screen-to-body ratio. The rear dual cameras are vertical and the fingerprint sensor is still on the back. The vertical arrangement on the BLUBOO S3 is much more convenient for people using the fingerprint sensor to unlock their device.

When it comes to the BLUBOO S3, the best and most exciting part is the new bigger battery. The 8300mAH battery will allow you to go longer without charging your phone. The battery itself is about three times bigger than the Samsung S9, and it supports quick charge technology. To fully charge the device, it will take about two and a half hours. If you would like to know more about the BLUBOO S3, then head here to get to the official website.