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Bretman Rock Height, Weight, Age & Boyfriend

Hailing from Hawaii, Bretman Rock has taken social media by storm with millions of fans across different platforms. A former Vine star, he is perhaps best known for his various makeup-related videos. Want to learn more about the online celebrity? We’ve compiled many other facts below, so keep reading!

Bretman Rock Personal Facts – 2018 Update

Real Name

Bretman Rock

Nick Name


Occupation and Job

Youtuber, Vine Star, Instagram Celebrity, Makeup Guru

Famous For

Bretman Rock rose to fame for his beauty and makeup related videos on social media. Today he has over 8 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million on Youtube, making him one of the most followed male make-up artists on the site.

Age – How Old is He?

He is currently 19 years old

Birthday/Date of Birth

His birthday is on July 31, 1998

Place of Birth/Hometown

Bretman Rock was born in the Philippines, though his family moved to Hawaii shortly afterward. As of 2017, he still resides in Hawaii.




He is of Filipino and Portuguese descent

Bretman Rock Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet

He is 5’7 tall

How Tall – Height in Meters

He is 1.75 meters tall

Weight in Pounds

His weight has not been disclosed to the public

Weight in Kilograms

His weight has not been disclosed to the public

Body Measurements

At this time, Bretman Rock’ body measurements are unavailable

Waist Size

His waist size has not been disclosed to the public

Foot/Shoe Size

His shoe size is unavailable at this time

Eye Color

Dark Brown (He often wears colored contacts)

Hair Color


Personal Life

Is Bretman Rock Currently in a Relationship?

As far as we know, Bretman Rock is currently single and not in a relationship. With that said, there have been rumors that he’s seeing someone, though said claims have not been confirmed.

Bretman Rock’s Partners

At this time, we do not have any information on Bretman Rock’s previous relationships.






He has a sister named Princess Mae, who is also active on Social Media.


As far as we know, Bretman Rock does not have any brothers.


Bretman Rock does not have any children.

High School

As a teen, he attended Campbell High School in Hawaii; he later graduated in 2016.


For now, it’s unclear whether or not the teen is attending college. With that said, he has expressed an interest in wanting to pursue a higher education in the past.


With the audience that he has on Youtube and the views that he receives, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were to make upwards of a thousand dollars per day just from ad revenue alone.

Net Worth

As of 2017, Bretman Rock has an estimated net worth of $500,000.



Random Facts


He enjoys shopping and making new videos in his spare time

Favorite Food


Favorite Actor


Favorite Book


Favorite Movie


Favorite TV Show


Favorite Color


Favorite Music Artists


Favorite Sports



Born on July 31, he is a Leo

Phone Number

This information is currently unknown


This information is currently unknown

Bretman Rock’ Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Bretman Rock’s Facebook Account

Bretman Rock’s Twitter Username

Bretman Rock’s Instagram Username

Bretman Rock’s Youtube Channel

Bretman Rock’s Snapchat Username 

Bretman Rock’s Snapchat username is @bretmanrock

Other Interesting Facts:

  • His parents split up when he was young- he has lived with his mother and sister ever since
  • Having experienced bullying in the past, he is a strong supporter of many anti-bullying initiatives including the #KissAndMakeup movement, which is headed by Bystander Revolution and Tarte Cosmetics
  • His most popular video of all time, Doing My Sisters Makeup / Q and A has been viewed over 5.3 million times
  • Some of his other top uploads include Full Face Pink Glam Tutorial, Spicy Ramen Challenge, Whisper Challenge, and Everyday School Makeup Tutorial
  • He recently embarked on his very first tour, which saw him traveling to over a dozen cities across the United States
  • This April, he announced that he will be launching his own line of highlighters in collaboration with a yet-to-be-announced makeup brand
  • Incredibly active on social media, he has over 8.8 million followers on Instagram and more than 1.7 million on Twitter
  • According to Socialblade, his Youtube subscriber count jumped from 390K to 1.2 million within a year’s time from January 2016 to 2017.
  • He helped to create some of the makeup filters for the mobile app, Makeup Plus, which is exclusively available for iOS devices
  • He partnered up with eyerisbeauty to release his own line of 3D Faux Silk Eyelashes, ‘Hot Tea Eyelash’
  • As of 2017, his Youtube videos have been viewed over 65 million times combined

Bretman Rock Bio – 2018 Update

Born in the Philippines, Bretman Rock currently resides with his mother and sister in Hawaii. Like many teens, he had chosen to get involved with Vine (the newest social media fad at the time) in the early 2010’s. With his amiable personality, it didn’t take long for him to garner thousands of followers on the app. While most social media users choose to showcase their humor, he took on a more untraditional route- makeup. Having been exposed to the beauty world since a young age (he grew up with two women), he made his online debut donning full makeup (and in doing so, breaking gender norms).

Today, he is incredibly active on Youtube, a site on which he has built himself a solid fanbase- over 2.2 million to be exact. Not only does he upload makeup videos, but he’s also branched out to posting vlogs, challenges, unboxing videos, and pranks, in the recent years. To date, his channel has accumulated over 65 million views, making him one of the most popular male makeup gurus on the site. What else has he been up to lately? For one thing, his recent surge in popularity has led him to be able to go on tour. Kicked off in early September, the teen traveled and entertained fans at numerous cities around the country at over a dozen different venues!

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