China: 32 People Missing After Ships Collide

32 people are missing after two ships collided on China’s east coast. The collision happened between a cargo ship and an oil tanker. The tanker, which was carrying Iranian oil, caught fire after the collision and has been burning since.

32 People Missing

The Transport Ministry has confirmed that 30 of the 32 missing are Iranian while the other two are from Bangladesh. They are all crew members of the oil tanker. Emergency teams are currently in the area searching for the people and trying to stop the oil from leaking.

The Transport Ministry also confirmed that all the crew members from the cargo ship had been saved. They added that the oil tanker is floating and burning. Reports say the oil tanker was carrying around $60 million worth of oil. The cargo ship was reportedly damaged in the collision but exact details have not been released.

Rescue Efforts

An Iranian official told a news agency that the weather conditions and smoke from the ship are making rescue efforts difficult. The Xinhua news agency reported that eight ships have been sent to help on the search and rescue. South Korea has also sent one ship and a helicopter. The tanker was heading to South Korea when it collided with the cargo ship on Saturday. The cargo ship involved in the collision was carrying grain from the United States to China.

An Iranian Oil Ministry official spoke to the Associated Press and said they had no information on their fate. Officials have not given any details on the oil slick but reports say three of the eight boats from China are helping with the clean-up operation.

The tanker is reportedly owned by a company in Iran but is currently rented by a company in South Korea. The tanker was scheduled to arrive to South Korea later today.