China: Maintenance Worker Escapes Serious Injuries After Man Cuts Support Rope

A building worker in southern China is very lucky that he was standing in a safe area when a resident of the apartment building decided to cut his support rope. The worker had been told to remove the banners on a number of floors of the apartment building.

The worker began removing them but local media reports that a resident cut the support rope that was holding him. The maintenance worker didn’t fall as he was standing on a balcony at the time. According to authorities, the maintenance worker, who was on the first floor, did not suffer any injuries.

Authorities later came to the apartment building to arrest the man who cut the support rope. According to local media, the man could be charged with assault. A video showing his arrest later surfaced on the internet. Police are seen taking him away while others are talking to his wife.

One witness told local media that the resident and maintenance worker had argued before he decided to cut the support rope. The maintenance worker had been told to remove the banners from the building after authorities said they were illegal.

Another witness said the building had many banners hanging from different places, including balconies. The man, who is said to be 60 years old, can be seen sitting on a sofa watching TV when police enter his apartment.

The incident didn’t end there as a police officer was caught telling the maintenance worker to fake an injury. This then led to reports that the maintenance worker had fallen from the building and had been transported to the hospital. It was later revealed that the man had not fallen from the building and was on a balcony when the resident cut off the support rope.

According to reports, the police officer told the maintenance worker to fake an injury so the resident would receive a more serious punishment. The officer told the worker to lay on the pavement for a picture. The picture reportedly circulated online before it was confirmed that he was okay.

The police officer was fined CNY 500 ($76.82) and detained for ten days for telling the worker to fake the injury and the picture. A similar incident happened back in 2014 when a boy in southern China decided to cut off a support rope because the workers were making too much noise during construction. The worker did not fall but had to call for help. The father later apologized on behalf of his son.