China: Oil Tanker Continues To Burn, Two Bodies Recovered

Emergency teams have recovered two bodies inside the oil tanker that collided with a cargo ship a week ago. Just a few hours ago, they managed to board the oil tanker and begin a search. The search operation didn’t last very long as the smoke forced the team to leave the oil tanker. On Monday, China’s Transport Ministry said that one body had been recovered.

The Sanchi continues to burn a week after colliding with a cargo ship that was carrying grain from the US to China. 32 people, all crew members of the oil tanker, were reported missing after the collision. The crew members of the cargo ship were rescued shortly after the collision. The cargo ship suffered minor damages and is now at a port in China, according to reports.

Recent Rescue Operation

Emergency teams have recovered three bodies in the last few days. According to an Iranian official, the crew members of the oil tanker are from Iran and Bangladesh. A team of Iranian commandos has reportedly confirmed that they will join the operation.

The Sanchi was headed to South Korea when it collided on Saturday. It has been confirmed that the ship belongs to an Iranian company. Reports say there are thirteen ships helping with the rescue and clean-up efforts.

A few hours ago, China’s Transport Ministry said that four rescuers with masks and bottles of oxygen had been placed in the back of the ship with the help of a crane. During the search, they found two bodies in a lifeboat. The rescues tried reaching other areas but the temperatures were too high.

No Oil Spill Detected

The collision has raised concerns that there could be a major spill but Chinese officials have recently said that no oil spill has been detected so far. The oil tanker was carrying around $60 million worth of condensate at the time of the collision. The ship was headed to South Korea, where it was scheduled to arrive on Sunday.

Officials have said that the operation has been difficult due to the weather. On Wednesday, an explosion on the ship forced the operation to be suspended. China’s Transport Ministry said rescue ships had withdrawn to a safe distance after the explosion. Officials announced the launch of an investigation a few days ago.