Denmark: World’s Most Expensive Vodka Bottle Found

A vodka bottle that was stolen from a Danish bar earlier this week has been found. Authorities revealed that the bottle, which costs $1.3 million, was found empty on a construction site.

The bottle had been loaned to the bar six months ago and was on display with hundreds of other bottles. The bar has one of the largest collections of vodka bottles in the world. The bottle was the only one stolen by the thief.

A spokesman for the police told the AFP news agency that he doesn’t know what happened to the vodka, but the bottle was empty. The bottle was found on a construction site less than a week after it was stolen.

Earlier this week, security footage showed a thief looking around the bar. He has his face covered and is wearing a cap. In the security footage, he is seen holding a flashlight and looking around the display. He then notices the bottle, grabs it and exits the bar.

The bottle, which is made of silver and gold and has a cap with diamonds, was borrowed from the Dartz Motor Company. It had been part of the collection for six months before the thief entered the bar and took it. The owner of the bar confirmed that it had been loaned and also offered a reward on a Facebook post.

The Russo-Baltique vodka bottle was created to celebrate 100 of luxury car maker Russo-Baltique. The bottle was unveiled back in 2015 and is currently one of the most expensive in the world. The bottle made a brief appearance during a season three episode of the series House of Cards.

In the security footage, the thief appears to be only interested in the expensive bottle, which he looks for with a flashlight. After the theft, police said it was unclear how the thief entered the collection.

The owner of the bar has told local media that it has not lost value. The bottle, which was not damaged, was found by one of the people at the construction site. He also told local media that he feels fantastic. He said he has more of the vodka that the bottle had and plans to refill it.