In-Display Fingerprint Technology Acquired by BLUBOO

We have some good news for you coming out of the smartphone world as BLUBOO has just acquired the in-display fingerprint technology. During the CES event yesterday, Vivo, which is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, announced a smartphone with the in-display fingerprint technology. This new technology was made possible by using a sensor that comes from Synaptics. It seems that Vivo is not the only smartphone manufacturer to use this new in-display fingerprint technology. BLUBOO has acquired the technology too, which will be coming in the new BLUBOO 2018 smartphones.

In-Display Fingerprint Technology Coming to BLUBOO Models in 2018

We are going to be seeing the new in-display fingerprint technology in the new BLUBOO S2 and BLUBOO S3. These are going to be a couple of the biggest BLUBOO smartphone releases of 2018. BLUBOO is also a company out of China that is known for being innovative and very ground-breaking in the world of smartphones. It seems that the in-display fingerprint technology is the newer and more advanced option. It very well could replace the older face identification trend. We have seen Face ID in many smartphones over the past couple years. The in-display fingerprint technology is brand new to the game, but we will get to see it with the BLUBOO S2.

With the BLUBOO S2, we will see a Sony IMX230 21 MP sensor. The camera will have the ability to be rotated, which will increase the screen-body ratio. Even better, is that the BLUBOO S2 will actually be a full-screen smartphone, meaning nothing will be on the front. The only thing that will be on the front of the BLUBOO S2 is the 5.99-inch OLED screen. Doesn’t this seem pretty creative and interesting? We are super excited for what the future holds with the new in-display technology, and BLUBOO will be leading the way along with Vivo.