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Dytto Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Courtney Nicole Kelly, better known as Dytto, is a popular animation dancer, host and model. Although she is very young, she already has lots to show for, mostly from her dancing career. Courtney became popular for her animation dancing videos, where she shows off her very unique style of dancing.

She first broke through after her “I’m a Barbie Girl” dance video went viral, earning her the nickname Barbie Girl, and turning the eyes of the public onto her. Courtney also hosts a music show called The Drop that you can find on YouTube. She has already appeared and performed in many shows, including the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nickelodeon, World of Dance, and Dancer Palooza, among others.

Not too much is known about her personal life, but we can tell for certain that she has a loving family that supports her and that she currently isn’t in a relationship. Although the growing fanbase tries to find some clues about Dytto’s love status, the popular dancer prefers to keep most of it secret. She has stated that her dream is to be on the cover of the Vogue magazine. Judging by her career path so far, we have no doubt that the popular dancer will one day make her dream come true.

Other than being a dancer, Courtney is a prolific electrical guitar and saxophone player, who loves chemistry and chooses music as her biggest passion. Through her work, she has amassed millions of followers on various social media. If you’d like to become one, we got just what you need next:

Dytto Snapchat Name – iam_dytto


Dytto’s Snapchat username is @iam_dytto, and you can add her by clicking on the username or by scanning the snapcode.

Dytto – Other Social Media Accounts

Appropriately to her status, Dytto is all over various social media other than Snapchat. If you wanna check her other social media accounts, here’s what you need:

Dytto Facebook Account –  You can also follow Courtney on her verified Facebook page

Dytto Twitter Username – Courtney also frequents Twitter, so if you are a fan, be sure to follow her on the popular social network. Her username is @iam_Dytto

Dytto Instagram Username – Her most popular social media account is, of course, the model’s Instagram, where she posts videos and pictures of herself and her performances. Be sure to follow her @iam_dytto

Dytto Youtube  Account – You can find most of her performances on the world’s most popular video-sharing site – Dytto YouTube


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