France To Investigate Nutella Discount That Sparked Chaos At Supermarkets

The Nutella promotion that sparked chaos at some supermarkets in France is now over but the country’s finance ministry has announced that it will investigate to see if it was against the law.

The finance ministry announced on Monday that it will launch an investigation into the discount launched by Intermarche supermarkets on Friday. According to local media, the discount led to the situation getting out of control in some of the supermarkets where the promotion was available. In some of the incidents, authorities had to be called in.

The 70 percent discount brought the price down from $5.60 to $1.74. Hundreds quickly rushed to the supermarkets to buy a jar or two. In one video posted on social media, several customers are seen grabbing as much jars as they can while others arrive with bags.

In some supermarkets, things got so out of control that employees had to contact authorities. The discount was going to be available until Saturday but the Nutella jars were sold out in many supermarkets in just a few hours.

The company has not commented on the incidents that took place over the huge discount. But the finance ministry will look to see if the company broke the laws on discounted goods. In the investigation, authorities will have to determine if the discount was one time offer or if it was part of the sales for this time of the year. Authorities will also look into a few other things, including the date the supermarket bought the Nutella and how much it bought it for.

Ferrero, the company that produces Nutella, did release a statement shortly after the incidents were reported. The Italian company said that the discount decision was made by the supermarket.

The country’s law allows food to have discounts under two conditions. One if it is a fair price and second if the products were purchased by the company at least four weeks before the start of the sales period.

The videos and images of the chaos at the supermarkets made news around the world, with many on social media criticizing the behavior of the people. According to recent studies, France is the second largest consumer of Nutella in the world. Nutella, first introduced in 1965, is a sweet spread that can be used on bread and pastries. It is also eaten by many straight out of the jar with a spoon.