France: Nutella Discount Sparks Chaos In Some Supermarkets

A discount on the hazelnut cocoa spread Nutella has caused chaos in several supermarkets across France. Supermarket company Intermarche offered a 70 percent discount on the sweet spread and hundreds of customers quickly rushed to supermarkets across the country.

The discount brought the price from 4.50 euros ($5.60) to 1.40 euros ($1.74). The announcement sent fans of the sweet spread to the nearest Intermarche supermarkets but things quickly got out of control. There was fighting and pushing among customers who visited the supermarkets to get their hands on the discounted item.

Several supermarkets had to call authorities as employees couldn’t control the situation. A supermarket employee told local media that they were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing them. Several videos of the chaos have surfaced on social media. One of the videos shows a large group of people surrounding the area where the boxes of the sweet spread have been placed. Some can be seen grabbing as many as they can while others bring large bags.

In one supermarket, the discount led to a fight and authorities had to be called in to control the situation. The supermarket has not released a statement but Italian company Ferrero, which produces Nutella, did release a statement saying that they wanted to clarify that the decision of the discount was taken unilaterally by the supermarket.

The discount was available in those supermarkets and was going to last until Saturday. But the announcement quickly led to the sweet spread being sold out at most locations.

Nutella, first introduced in 1965, is a popular product across the world. France is said to be the second largest consumer of Nutella in the world. The sweet spread is so popular in the country that in 2012, lawmakers proposed a ‘Nutella tax’ on palm oil, one of its main ingredients.