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Gracie Haschak Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Gracie Haschak is perhaps most well known for her break-out dance performance in American rapper MattyB’s music video for Daddy Says No. She is also a part of the YouTube supergroup The Haschak Sisters along with Madison, Sierra, and Olivia. In addition to the music videos, she also danced on America’s Got Talent, and on commercials for Disney’s Tinkerbell and Kohls.

How Gracie Haschak Got Famous

Gracie was born in California on April 7, 2002, to John and Kathi Haschak. She has three sisters named Olivia, Sierra, and Madison, with whom she regularly shares a stage. Much like her other sisters, she got into dancing at a very young age and she has become proficient at it. She rocketed into stardom by dancing in the teenage rapper MattyB’s Daddy Says No music video. Since then, she has been dancing professionally in various music videos. Gracie is also a part of the wildly popular Haschak Sisters Youtube channel, which has over 4 million followers.

Gracie Haschak Snapchat Name – Haschaksisters

If you would like to add Gracie to your Snapchat account you can do so by clicking here.

Gracie Haschak – Other Social Media Accounts

Gracie Haschak Personal Facebook Account

There are several Facebook accounts that claim to be Gracie, but most of them have few followers and lack the official blue checkmark. The Haschak Sisters all share a page on the social media platform, and you can click here to join their 200,000 plus followers.

Gracie Haschak Twitter Username

Gracie has no less than 6 different accounts that claim to be the famous teenaged dancer. These all appear to be fake. Even the GracieHaschak account only has 40 followers. The official HaschakSisters Twitter account is your only true outlet for news on the famous girls on the microblogging platform.

Gracie Haschak Instagram Username

Gracie has her own Instagram. She posts professional photos as well as candid selfies. The account has almost 400,000 followers, and you can join them by clicking here.

Gracie Haschak Kik Username or Code

Gracie does not appear to have an account on the Kik messenger app.

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