India: Man Carves a Long Road So Children Can Attend School

A man in India has made things a lot easier for his children and others attending school in the area. The man, who lives in a remote village in India, decided it was time to carve a road so his children could attend school. He had no help but was determined to carve the road and make the route easier for his children.

Jalandhar Nayak grabbed a few tools, including a pickaxe to carve the road. It took him a while but he carved the five mile road. Before the road was carved, his children would walk hours to get to the school. He began carving the road two years ago and recently completed it.

Mr. Nayak told local media that his children found it hard to walk on the stony and narrow path to the school. He said he often saw them stumbling against the rocks and decided to create the road so they could walk more easily.

His efforts have not only made news around the world but also caught the attention of government officials, who now plan to reward him for his road. According to local media, the road goes through three mountains.

The government will reportedly pay the man for the time he has spent carving the road, which currently stretches for five miles. One official told local media that the man’s effort and determination to build the road had left him spellbound.

The road was only a small part of his big plan to connect the area to other places. He was planning to work for another three years to complete four more miles of the road. The government has decided to take the project and complete the road. He will be rewarded for the time he spent building the road to the school.

Local media reports that they are the only family in the village. The rest of the people have moved to other places that have more job opportunities. Nayak was told that the government would complete the road to his village.

His story has now appeared in several news reports across the country and the world. The man, who will no longer have to continue carving the road, has created a much shorter route for his children. The project will be taken over by the government, which will connect the remote village to other villages.