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India: Man’s Train Selfie Attempt Leaves Him With Head Injuries

A man who decided to take a video right next to the train tracks as the train was approaching has suffered head injuries. T Siva thought it would be a great idea to take the video as the train got closer and closer but not only did it leave him with injuries but also a fine.

In the 21 second video, which has been viewed by thousands on social media, T Siva is seen standing right next to the train tracks and waiting for the train. He stands still and even points to the train without looking as it gets closer and closer. The man never moves and it is clearly seen on the video that the train will hit him.

The train horn can be heard as it gets closer and closer to him but Mr. Siva ignores every warning, smiles and points to the train. According to authorities, he survived but suffered head injuries.

The video has been shared hundreds of times on social media. The incident happened on January 21 near the Borabanda train station. Mr. Siva has already appeared in court and been fined Rs. 500 ($7.88).

Mr. Siva is one of many in India who have tried taking videos and selfies near trains. Last year, several people lost their lives in similar attempts. A spokesperson for the South Central Railway of India spoke to the BBC and said that the man fell down the side of the track and suffered a head injury. An official and the South Central Railway Twitter account warned people about the dangers of taking selfies near the train tracks.

Back in November 2016, a study by the Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi and Carnegie Mellon University revealed the countries with the most selfie related deaths. At the top of the list was India, where there were 76 deaths between March and September 2014.

The study revealed that most of the selfie related deaths are from people falling off high places. Trains were the second most common cause of deaths. According to the study, most of the selfie related deaths in India happened in water. But experts now say that the most common cause of selfie deaths are trains.

In October 2017, three college students lost their lives when attempting to take a selfie on a train track. The recent selfie deaths have forced the country to declare some places as no-selfie zones.


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