Iowa: Police Arrest Two Boys Over The Death of Half a Million Bees

Police in Sioux City have arrested two boys for allegedly destroying a honey business in December. The boys are being accused of vandalizing the place and killing the half a million bees that were in it.

The incident happened at the Wind Hill Honey farm in December. The boys reportedly caused damage to the 50 beehives at the farm. The damage left by the two boys led to the death of the bees. According to reports, the honey bees froze to death.

The owners of the farm say the two boys caused $60,000 in damage. One of the owners told local media that they knocked over all the beehives, causing the death of all the bees. They found out about the incident when they went to go look at the place and clean some of the snow.

After the discovery, one of the owners told local media that they had broken into their shed, taking all of their equipment out and throwing it out on the snow and smashing what they could. The owner added that it didn’t look like anything was taken and that everything was just destroyed or vandalized.

The incident happened last month but authorities had not found any suspects. News of the incident shocked the community. Information provided to police helped find the suspects, who are aged 12 and 13.

The owners, Justin and Tori Englehardt, shared the incident on social media and got hundreds of shares. At the time, they estimated $50,000 – $60,000 worth of damage and said that insurers didn’t offer any beehive coverage, so it would be difficult to financially rebuild the business.

The business, which sells honey and other honey products to shops across the state, was started six years ago. The incident was bad news for the owners since insurers don’t offer coverage but the community has stepped up to help them. An online fundraiser has raised thousands of dollars for them. The Englehardts are planning to use this money to rebuild the business and start providing honey to other businesses in the near future. On December 30, it was reported by the Sioux City Journal that GoFundMe pages had raised over $30,000 for the Englehardts.