Italy: Venice Restaurant Facing Huge Fine After Tourists File Complaint

The restaurant in Venice that was all over the news after a group of Japanese tourists complained that they had been charged a whopping 1,143 euros ($1415) for three steaks, a plate of fish, two glasses of wine and water, is now facing a huge fine.

Local media reports that the Osteria da Luca restaurant is facing a fine of 20,000 euros ($24,766). According to the La Nuova Venezia newspaper, authorities carried out checks at the restaurant. They found several violations of health and food regulations. Authorities also found a few issues with the description of goods. The newspaper adds that all of this produces fines of tens of thousands of euros.

The restaurant was in the news a few days ago when the tourists complained about the huge bill they received after eating there. The reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp show several customers complaining about the prices. One review in Yelp was written in two languages after a customer says it nearly ruined his trip to Venice. In the review, that person mentions that the bill was over 300 euros and that it was way overpriced. Other reviews also ask people to stay away as dishes are extremely expensive. The restaurant has a 1.5 rating out of 5 on TripAdvisor and a one star rating on Yelp.

The four Japanese tourists filed a complaint with authorities after they returned to Bologna, where they are currently studying Italian cuisine. Their only proof of the crazy charge was the credit card receipt since the restaurant did not give them a receipt with everything they had ordered and the prices.

The $1,415 restaurant bill made news around the world and people are now posting about their story on review sites such as Yelp. The complaint made so much news that the mayor of Venice tweeted that authorities would look into the charge and if confirmed, punish those responsible.

Other restaurants in the area have also been accused of having high prices on their foods. The Trattoria Casanova restaurant, which is nearby, was in the news in November after British tourists received a $795 bill. The tourists reportedly ate a plate of oysters. The restaurant also has a low rating on review sites, with many customers complaining that the restaurant brings more food than ordered to charge for it. Others describe the restaurant as a tourist trap because of its high prices.