Kansas: Family of Man Killed In Swatting Incident Sue City and Police

The family of a man who was shot and killed by police after a hoax emergency call sent authorities to their address has sued the city of Wichita and police.

Last month, authorities surrounded the family’s home and Andrew Finch opened the door. A hoax emergency call had sent them there and Finch was shot once when authorities thought he was reaching for a gun. Finch died and it was later revealed that he was unarmed and had not been involved in the dispute that actually led to the call.

According to reports, it all began in a match of Call of Duty. The two teammates reportedly argued during the match and one of them threatened the other with swatting, which is making a hoax emergency call about a very serious crime to send authorities to someone else’s address.

The other player responded to the threat with a false address, which was later given to someone that knew how to make those calls. The call, which was made from California, sent authorities to the address in Wichita, Kansas. Andrew Finch was not involved in online gaming, according to his family.

An attorney representing the family said on Tuesday that at every level, the leadership of the city of Wichita failed. The attorney added that this is not about money, this is about reforming the city’s police department and the city’s leadership taking accountability of a police department that has a history of excessive force.

Days after the incident, Los Angeles police arrested Tyler Barriss, who has been accused of making the call. Reports say Barriss had a long history of making hoax emergency calls. The 25-year-old man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday, alleges that police officers who showed up to the address used excessive force. Wichita Police Chief Troy Livingston said that one police officer fired at Finch when he moved his hands to his waistline.

A similar incident happened earlier this month when Overland Park authorities received a hoax emergency call in which a man said that he had shot his wife. Authorities quickly surrounded the home but found out that nothing had happened. Authorities have launched an investigation.