Man Bites iPhone Replacement Battery and It Explodes

A man looking for an iPhone replacement battery at an electronics store in China is lucky to be okay after the battery he had exploded in his face. How did it explode in his face? Well, according to reports, the man decided to bite the battery.

The footage of the incident has gone viral in China, where it was shared on social media shortly after it happened. In the video, a man can be seen standing in front of a counter with a few other people nearby. The video shows him receiving the battery and he puts his face close to it and then bites it.

The bite quickly causes an explosion that scares the customers and employees next to them. The woman standing next to him appears to be shocked by the explosion and walks away from the counter as everyone else is confused about what happened.

Taiwan News reported that the customer was looking for an iPhone replacement battery. The explosion happened near his face and other people but the good news is that no one was injured. According to reports, the man took a bite to test if the battery was authentic.

It has not been confirmed if the business that gave him the battery is an Apple Authorized Service Provider or a third-party repair place. The incident happened back on January 19 and the video surfaced on social media just hours later.

There have been several incidents involving battery explosions but nothing like the one seen now. The incidents mostly involve phone batteries exploding out of nowhere. Earlier this month, an overheated iPhone battery exploded when an employee was holding it. The store called the fire department and the building had to be evacuated. According to reports, the incident happened at the main Apple Store in Zurich.

A similar incident happened just a few days later at an Apple Store in Valencia, Spain. The battery reportedly exploded during repair and the store had to be evacuated as smoke filled one floor. According to local media, emergency services were called but no one was injured and the employees solved the smoke problem by opening the windows.

The explosions came just days after the company updated its battery replacement program. The $29 replacement program, which happened over the news that Apple was slowing down iPhone performance, is available for iPhone 6 and later devices.