Manual Work vs. Automation or Work Together

Today’s world demands more power to speed the processes and robots help to solve this problem. But still, there are so many concerns about this question and hot discussions. Let’s consider different arguments of the value of human work vs. automated process.

A Value of Art and Hand-Made

Does manual work still matter? There are many different opinions about it, and worldwide art meetings prove that fruits of the human activity still need and make a difference. For instance, designers and artists all over the world will gather at World Economic Forum in Davos. They will set up a stage for the global collaboration between various valuable art persons, discuss value of manual work and tackle charity issues.

Designers and artists are passionate to make people think not only about the end product but also the process and social meaning of making. Creators want to engage visitors to transform their personal experience into the art.

Such idea of changing the approach to the art was shown at the unusual exhibition ‘Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan’. The show presented the power of museums to encourage empathy for the people from different cultures with various traditions and backgrounds.


On the other hand, there are many believers that robots can perform almost the same as a human can. For example, automated receptionists in London and Japan are useful, friendly and disciplined.

We see that bots have already become the helpers all over the world: they can be recruiters, housekeepers, secretaries, etc. Each of us has heard so many conversations around this issue, and many people are scared that their professions will be replaced the robots. And these changes are related not only to the technical occupations. Robots are already engaged in the art, for instance, automotive painting. With special settings, bots may perform responsible and creative activities without the risk of setbacks.

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Working Together

Instead of comparing man and machine abilities, we may work together to develop something named ‘augmented humanity’. Global leaders believe that our future will be better with the excellent cooperation between human and a robot. For instance, robots can perform routine tasks like absorbing and gathering information and tackling permanent chatting with the clients. Many huge enterprises like TheGuardian use bots to answer the questions and engage customers to stay in touch with them. Various marketing companies apply automated managers to boost sales and reach new clients while people build more deep and meaningful relationships with the customers.

So, art and human activity still matters and will be important as usual. Moreover, robots can help people to perform some creative and routine tasks and free up us for other jobs to build smarter processes.