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Melanie Martinez Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Melanie Martinez is a young American singer-songwriter who got popular after her appearance in 2012’s season of The Voice. Melanie was interested in music ever since she was in kindergarten. As she was growing up, she taught herself to play guitar, and in 2012 appeared in a talent show. Later, she appeared on The Voice, and achieved great results, reaching top 6.

Two years later, she released her first single, called “Dollhouse”, and was afterward signed to the record label Atlantic Records. Her first EP, with the same name as the lead single, was released in mid-2014. Since then she’s released several singles that went on to become absolute hits. Her second EP was released in late 2016. Last year, Martinez has announced that she’s taking a year to write, direct and shot a movie to accompany her second album.

If you are a fan of hers and want to catch her behind the scene updates, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re taking a look at her social media presences, including Melanie Martinez’s Snapchat username. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Melanie Martinez Snapchat Name – Private

Melanie MartinezWhile Melanie does use Snapchat, she doesn’t want to make her username public, unfortunately. So Melanie Martinez’s Snapchat might as well be nonexistent. However, if you check her Twitter, she posts her snaps often over there. So that’s a consolation prize for all of her fans. It’s not the same experience, but hey, at least it’s something.

Melanie Martinez – Other Social Media Accounts

While you won’t be following Martinez on Snapchat, there are other sites that you can follow her on. Here they are:

Melanie Martinez Facebook Account – Melanie is very popular on Facebook, where her official page has just under 2 million likes.

Melanie Martinez Twitter Username – Melanie’s Twitter username is @MelanieLBBH. She has just over a million followers but doesn’t post that often.

Melanie Martinez Instagram Username – She has 5 million followers on her official Instagram page, @littlebodybigheart. Similar to her Twitter, she is not very active on Instagram either. Bummer.

Melanie Martinez YouTube Channel – Her YouTube channel has 6 million followers and hosts all of her music videos. She also has a more personal channel, mel’s corner, and is luckily still very active.

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