Mexican Actor Talks About The Erroneous Proof That Landed Him In Jail

Alejandro Axel, the actor who was arrested by Mexican authorities earlier this month over the murder of model Karen Ailen Grodzinski, has released a statement to the media in which he talks about the erroneous proof that landed him in jail.

The actor, who spent days in jail, was released after his legal team provided proof that he was in Colombia at the time of the crime. In the statement, the actor mentions that a horrible crime led to a short and poor investigation.

After his arrest, authorities said the murder weapon had been found in his residence and that he had been identified by three witnesses at the hotel. In the statement, the actor mentions that authorities accused him after a testimony from a hotel employee who wasn’t even sure of the license plate number of the motorcycle seen leaving the hotel. Security footage shows a man wearing a motorcycle helmet and then leaving the parking lot with a motorcycle. Karen was found dead in a hotel room on December 27.

The actor found out when he was in jail that the paper used to register the license plates was the only thing that linked him to the crime. During the investigation, authorities found a picture, which had been posted in 2014, of his motorcycle. The actor says this image was shown to the three witnesses and stood out because he was smiling while the other images showed people with a serious face.

Axel found out that the paper of the license plates had not even been included in the investigation. On the day of the crime, the witnesses told authorities that they would not be able to recognize the suspect or give a description for a portrait. But days later, after seeing the images, they indicated that the actor was probably the suspect.

The actor also said that during six days and more than 12 hours of hearings, they tried to defend the indefensible. He added that he has nothing against anyone, not even the court system, because without it he would still be in jail for sure, like many other people that are probably still in jail without proof or with erroneous evidence, like the statistics say.

The actor was released days ago but his arrest has raised many question on the investigations that authorities are doing. Authorities have not made any other arrests in connection to the case.