Moto X5 – Face Unlocking Technology, Dual Cameras and Many Other Rumors

The Moto X series returned last year and it looks like there won’t be any breaks like we saw from 2015 to late 2017. The Moto X5 is said to be one of the phones that the company is planning to release this year.

Droid Life recently posted a few leaks that show that the company might be bringing more than just a few improvements to the Moto X5. The images hint at major changes on the hardware and design. One of the most interesting things seen on the images is that the device now has a much larger display and no button on the front. It’s nearly all screen on the front, just like many of the devices being released now.

The back actually looks similar to the Moto X4 with the circular section that houses the dual cameras and flash. But if you take a look at the front and back, the fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be found. This could mean two things, Motorola has decided to place a fingerprint sensor under the screen or that the feature is completely gone and replaced by face unlocking technology.

The images show that the device could have not only dual rear cameras but also dual front facing cameras. I think this would be a first for Motorola devices. Nothing else is revealed about the cameras but this leak is quite interesting as it shows that there could be major changes coming to the Moto X series.

The Moto X4 is just six months old but rumors say that Motorola might unveil the Moto X5 as early as February. MWC takes place next month and it’s rumored that the company might unveil not just the Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6 Play but also the Moto X5 and Moto Z3.

The Moto G line was at the event last year and will most likely be at the next edition. Rumors haven’t quite mentioned huge changes but it’s been said that they will feature 18:9 displays and dual rear cameras. Like previous editions, many expect the phones to have the affordable prices that have made the series so popular over the years.

Droid Life has also revealed an image of what might be the Moto Z3. In the image, we can see a curved screen and what appears to be a Moto Mod attached, which says 5G at the bottom.