Nigerian Man Gets Married Seven Days After Facebook Post

Millions of people use Facebook every day to see what their friends are doing, post pictures or comment on something. But a Nigerian man decided to use the website to find a wife and it worked.

Chidimma Amedu told the BBC that he made a post on December 30 asking any woman interested in being his wife to reply. Mr. Amedu was serious about the post and actually got a few replies.

In the post, he mentions that he is ready to say I do. He asks women to send in their applications and adds that the most qualified will be married on January 6. The posts got a few replies but there was one from Sophy Ijeoma that really caught his attention.

At the time, her post wasn’t serious since she thought it was a joke. She simply replied to keep the joke going. But Mr. Amedu wasn’t joking about the posts and marriage and he contacted her through a direct message. He called her after that and it all went great from there.

Mr. Amedu was convinced that she was the love of his life and visited her just days after the posts. He traveled about 300 miles to get to her city. They met outside a store and she says it was love at first sight.

After talking for a few hours, the two visited his uncle, who lives in the same city. She learned that he was very serious about marriage when he told his uncle that she was the woman he wanted to marry. They then visited her family and they approved as well.

In just hours, it had gone from just a joke and entertaining guy to marriage plans for Sophy, who wasn’t sure about everything until she met his uncle and saw that he was serious. Mr. Amedu said he placed the advert as a joke but was open for it at the same time.

Sophy and Chidimma didn’t randomly add each other after the posts. They had actually been friends on Facebook for a while but had never met or talked on the site. They got married just seven days after the posts were made. They posted pictures of the ceremony on Facebook and plan to have a church wedding in a few months.