Smartphones That Probably Won’t Be At MWC 2018

MWC is the event where many companies decide to unveil their new products and this year it will be no different. Nokia and Samsung are just some of the companies planning to unveil products there. But in recent days, there have been rumors about several  smartphones that may not be at the event. Here are the smartphone launches that have been ruled out by reports:

Xiaomi Mi 7

Xiaomi has confirmed that it won’t hold a press event at MWC but that it will be present. What will the company unveil? We’re not exactly sure but rumors say it won’t be the Mi 7. The series made its last appearance with the Mi 5 at MWC back in 2016. Rumors about a Mi 7 launch surfaced when the company was listed on the event’s official site.

Reports say the company will instead unveil a Mi Mix 2S but that it may happen before MWC. A leak recently showed the Mi Mix 2S, which looks a lot like the Mi Mix 2. Xiaomi is also expected to announce its Surge S2 chipset at the event.

Huawei P11

The Huawei P11 sounds like a great device with its rumored triple cameras and other features. But rumors have recently mentioned that fans will probably have to wait a little longer as the company is not planning to unveil the phone there. Huawei will be at the event but the company might unveil just laptops and tablets.


LG impressed everyone with its LG G6 at MWC 2017 but this year’s event might be a little different. The company has reportedly canceled the launch of the LG G7 and will instead unveil a new version of the LG V30. The upgraded version of the LG V30 will reportedly offer AI features. Just a few hours ago, LG announced new color options for the LG G6 and Q6.


Another flagship smartphone that might skip the event is the HTC U12. According to a report from Android Headlines, the company will instead launch the phone at a separate event some time in March or April.

It appears that MWC 2018 will not see the launch of several smartphones but there are a few companies that could make things interesting. Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S9 will be there while Nokia has sent out an invite that hints that it may announce more than just phones.

MWC 2018 begins on February 26.