Spain: Authorities Recover Four Tons of Stolen Oranges

Authorities in Spain have arrested five people for stealing oranges. The theft wasn’t just a few oranges, it was a whopping four tons. It all began when authorities in Seville stopped two vehicles and questioned the people over the oranges.

Lots of Oranges

The oranges were all over the two vehicles and authorities suspected that they just didn’t pick them off the ground, like one of the people told them. Authorities continued questioning the people and most of them couldn’t explain where the four tons of oranges had come from.

Authorities later found out that they were stolen. The oranges had been taken from a warehouse and placed in the two vehicles. Pictures of the discovery show oranges all over the place after they opened the doors. The pictures, posted on Twitter by the city’s emergency services, shows police officers putting the oranges in sacks.

Stolen From a Warehouse

Authorities confirmed that the oranges were stolen from a warehouse in a nearby town. The orange discoveries didn’t end there as police also found a van with many oranges at a nearby area.

One of the suspects reportedly told police that they had picked up the oranges from the ground. Local media reported that the other suspects told authorities that they were collecting the fruits as they traveled. Police were not convinced by their story and added that the suspects did not have the paperwork required to transport the four tons of oranges. Police also suspected that there was something wrong going on when they noticed that the vehicles were driving too close to each other. Local media reports that the cars took off when authorities attempted to stop them, leading to a short chase. The four tons of oranges are reportedly worth around 1,400 euros ($1,735).

Recent Thefts

Orange thefts are a problem in places such as Valencia, where farmers have lost thousands of euros in recent years. According to reports, the thieves are not just taking oranges but any other vegetable or fruit that can be sold to local shops and small businesses across the country. The thefts have forced farmers to install alarms and hire security guards. Spain’s police has also sent in the cavalry to patrol the farms and stop the thieves from stealing.  Spain is one of Europe’s largest orange producers. A high percentage of the oranges come from the region around Valencia.