Sweden: Family of H&M Model Moves Out of House Over Security Concerns

The mother of the boy who appeared in the controversial H&M advert has told the BBC that her family has decided to move out of their house in Sweden. The decision was made over security concerns.

A few days ago, the advert caused controversy when it showed photos of Liam Mango modeling a ”coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie. The advert quickly went viral, with people accusing the company of racism.

Family Moves

The boy’s mother later released a video defending the company. Her response has been heavily criticized by social media users but she believes the company was not being racist with the advert. She told the BBC Outside Source that she respects people’s opinion on the issue and knows that racism exists but she says the shirt is not racist.

Her response to the controversy has led to attacks from social media users, who aren’t happy that she is defending the company. She confirmed to the news agency that they had moved out of their home in Stockholm over security concerns.

Mrs. Mango didn’t give any details on their decision but said it had something to do with the recent attacks reported in H&M stores in South Africa. On Saturday, a political party protested in some stores. Videos taken inside the stores show protesters pushing mannequins and kicking displays.

Artists Cancel Partnerships With H&M

A few days ago, The Weeknd and G-Eazy decided to cancel their partnerships with the company over the advert. The Weeknd confirmed his decision on social media, saying he was shocked and embarrassed by the photo. He added that he was deeply offended and would not be working with the company any more. Rapper G-Eazy was collaborating with the company on a clothing line that was going to debut in two months. He announced his decision on Instagram. Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku and Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James were some of the people who also criticized the company and showed support for the boy.

Hoodie Taken Off Sale

The company took the image down shortly after the controversy began and later released a statement saying that the hoodie had now been taken off sale. An H&M spokesman said that they understood that many people were upset about the image and that they are deeply sorry that the picture was taken. The spokesman added that the company regrets the actual print.