Friday, June 9, 2023

Teen Facing Murder Charges After Plan To Steal Guns Goes Wrong

A plan by a teenager has gone very wrong and she is now facing murder charges for killing a man she had recently met. Yvonne Raquel Ramirez is facing murder charges after she allegedly shot Joshua McKinney. The incident happened on Sunday and local media reports that it all began with a plan that the teenager had to steal his guns.

Weapons Stolen and Demand

According to KTRK, Ramirez had come up with a plan to steal guns from McKinney, an aspiring Marine. The two had recently started dating but it all went wrong on Sunday when Ramirez allegedly asked McKinney for $2,000 in exchange for the guns she had recently taken from him.

A witness told authorities that the dispute turned violent and McKinney put her in a neck hold. The witness explained that McKinney pointed a gun to her head after putting her in the neck hold. The witness then quickly contacted police but shots were heard shortly after.

Dispute and Different Stories

According to KTRK, McKinney was found dead in the street while Ramirez was injured. She had been shot in the shoulder. When police arrived, Ramirez told authorities a different story. She told them that McKinney was shot when the gun fell to the floor. She later changed her story and said that she had grabbed the gun and shot him in self defense. Ramirez was taken to a hospital and it was later confirmed that she had not suffered life threatening injuries.

Ramirez was detained and is now being held on $50,000 bail. KHOU reports that Ramirez told authorities that she was getting high with him when he accused her of taking the guns. She responded to that by saying she had not taken them but then the situation got worse. During the dispute, Ramirez grabbed a gun he had tucked in his back and fired at him.

Investigation Continues

A second witness has told authorities that Ramirez was trying to move the body after he was shot. Police are now investigating to see if anyone else was there or was involved in the shooting. Local media has also reported that authorities have found text messages on Ramirez’s phone talking about how she took his weapons.

McKinney was looking to join the Marines and a former instructor that knew him said that he was a standout cadet. Ramirez is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

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