Two Flagship Smartphones Might Skip MWC Event

MWC is a little over a month away and everyone is expecting to see plenty of amazing phones. But two of the most popular smartphone makers might be delaying their flagship smartphone launches.

The two companies that might be skipping the launches are LG and Huawei, which have made big announcements in previous MWC events. At MWC 2017, LG unveiled the LG G6 while Huawei unveiled the P10.

There were already question marks on the LG G7’s launch as recent reports had revealed that the company was planning to unveil a new variant of the LG V30 instead. The new variant is said to include AI features.

Huawei might just focus on its other products and leave the P11 launch for a later date.In recent months, rumors had mentioned that the company would announce the phone there. It seemed likely as the company unveiled the P10 at last year’s event. But this year, we could end up seeing a few other products, including tablets and laptops.

The Huawei P series is one of the most popular from the company and many were waiting to see what the device was about since leaks and rumors have hinted that it could be an amazing smartphone. A few weeks ago, it was rumored that the phone would feature a triple camera. The triple camera setup would have probably been a first in the tech world but it looks like fans will have to wait a bit more.

Huawei and LG both skipping their flagship smartphone launches is a bit disappointing but MWC will still have other flagships. Samsung recently confirmed that its Galaxy S9 will make an appearance there while Motorola is rumored to be launching several phones, including the Moto G6 and Moto X5.

Xiaomi will also be there and it’s rumored that it might bring more than its flagship smartphone. According to the rumors, the company will unveil the Mi 6X at the event. A leaked image of the device recently showed that it might bring a large display and a dual camera setup. Industry sources from China have also revealed that the company will announce the Surge S2 processor at MWC 2018.

Nokia, which made big announcements at last year’s event, has already sent out invites. The Nokia 1, Nokia 9 and a 4G Nokia 3310 are expected to be announced there.

MWC begins on February 26 and ends on March 1.