Unmetric Report Reveals The Most Talked About NFL Teams On Social Media

Social media analytics platform Unmetric has revealed the most talked about NFL teams on social media. One team dominated almost every statistic after ending a long drought. Unmetric looked at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see which teams were the most talked about. The Buffalo Bills were one of the biggest sports stories throughout social media after qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.

The NFL team was one of the most popular topics on social media during the last two weeks of the season and the Wild Card Weekend. The Buffalo Bills held the record for the longest playoff drought in American professional sports but that came to an end when the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the last regular season game. The playoff appearance was the first since 1999. The Buffalo Bills were eliminated by the Jacksonville Jaguars during the Wild Card Weekend but fans are still happy as their team finally got past the regular season.

Unmetric analyzed the teams from December 23 through January 6. The results showed that the Pittsburgh Steelers were the most active on Instagram and Facebook. The Dallas Cowboys saw the most comments on Twitter and Facebook while the New England Patriots saw the most on Instagram. The Buffalo Bills had the most likes on Twitter while the Pittsburgh Steelers had the most Facebook likes. The New England Patriots appear to be extremely popular on Instagram as they had the most likes there. The Atlanta Falcons were the most active team on Twitter.

A post by the Buffalo Bills Facebook page thanking the Cincinnati Bengals received over 40,000 likes and 23,000 shares. The same post on Instagram received nearly 60,000 likes. The Bills were eliminated by the Jaguars in a low scoring game but the help from the Bengals in the regular season brought more than just a playoff appearance. Not only did the Bills organization thank the team and its quarterback but fans also did something to help others. More than 15,000 fans donated money to Andy Dalton’s charity.

The quarterback is amazed by the donations made to his charity, which helps children that are seriously ill and physically challenged. Andy Dalton had a huge involvement in ending the long drought as he was the one that threw the 49 yard touchdown pass in a fourth and 12 situation to win the game and eliminate the Ravens from the playoff race.